Introducing the Gluon JavaOne Conference App

JavaOneAppThe Gluon engineering team keep churning out the hits! Today we are announcing the release of the Gluon JavaOne Conference app, that has been in development by some of our team over the last few months. This application does as much as we are allowed to do, namely:

  • It shows you all JavaOne sessions, with ability to filter by day, venue, track, level, and type (e.g. session, BOF, HOL, etc),
  • You can navigate in and see what sessions each speaker is presenting,
  • It shows speaker bio’s,
  • It allows you to add sessions as favourites and to ‘schedule’ sessions (unofficially – this does not integrate with the session scheduler offered by Oracle),

While we wish we could have included support for session scheduling / voting, we unfortunately were not given access to this data from Oracle. Perhaps for future conferences we might be able to make arrangements here.

For those of you attending JavaOne, we highly recommend that you download and install the software onto your phones so that you have access to the JavaOne application while at the conference.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that this application is built using the Gluon Mobile library, and is backed by the Gluon Cloud. The combination of these two Gluon products allows for amazing productivity – we were able to spend our time focusing on our particular product, and more importantly, we didn’t have to spend any time worrying about data synchronization or having a really good looking default application – Gluon Cloud and Gluon Mobile handled this for us really well. Having said this, the JavaOne app (along with a lot of other applications we are building) are helping to grow both Gluon Cloud and Gluon Mobile, so everyone benefits from this work!

We took a few screenshots – on iPhone, an iPad Mini, and an Android phone. We’ve separated out the images into two groups below.

iPad Mini: