Mobile, Cloud, and Heroku – 100% pure Java

With Gluon Mobile, Java developers can easily create Java apps that run on mobile and embedded devices, and by using Gluon CloudLink, these same developers can connect their apps to cloud systems, leveraging the services provided by a whole range of cloud providers.

We are very proud of our work integrating into various cloud services – Oracle Cloud, AWS marketplace, AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure, Pivotal, etc, and we continue to work on further integrations. Recently the Gluon engineering team added a sample that shows how to use Gluon CloudLink to connect your mobile app to Heroku.

With this sample, developers can extend applications that are hosted on the Heroku cloud platform to mobile apps. Existing REST endpoints of enterprise applications deployed to Heroku can easily be used via Gluon CloudLink. While it is possible to directly call those endpoints from your mobile application, it is highly recommended to not store the credentials required for making such calls in the mobile app. This is where Gluon CloudLink comes into the picture: the connection between the mobile app and the endpoint at Heroku is tunnelled through Gluon CloudLink, where you can configure security, parameters, timeout settings, and more.

We’ve published a short screencast that explains how to get started with the integration can be found on our YouTube channel, and it is embedded below: