Scene Builder installers now available

SceneBuilderLogoEarlier this week, we released SceneBuilder 8.0.0 as a single jar file. You can easily start SceneBuilder with the command java -jar SceneBuilderApp.jar

Being supporters of self-contained applications, we now offer Scene Builder 8.0.0 as a self-install application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The applications come with the required runtime (Java 8u40), so there is no need to tune system configurations. We hope the release of those applications makes it even easier for developers to use Scene Builder and to create great JavaFX Applications.

Also, we created an open-source repository on bitbucket that contains the sources for SceneBuilder 8.0.0. Check out
to get the latest code, which you can easily build with ./gradlew build

We really hope individual developers, organisations and companies will work with us to enhance Scene Builder, and to provide integration hooks for external projects. Feel free to fork the code and send us a Pull Request!