Gluon media page live

Here at Gluon we understand that developers operate in different ways. While many enjoy looking over sample code / tutorials or in-depth documentation, we want to make sure we also support those of you who enjoy kicking back and watching a video which can present an overview of some aspect […]

Introducing Gluon VM

At Gluon, we are focused on creating products and tools (and a lot of open source) that allow Java developers to create mobile enterprise applications leveraging their existing Java knowledge. In order to run Java applications on mobile devices, it is necessary to be able to run Java bytecode on […]

Gluon Mobile 3.0.0 Released

Today the Gluon engineering team has signed off on Gluon Mobile 3.0.0. This is a major update to the Gluon Mobile product, primarily because it integrates a brand new library we are also releasing today called Gluon Connect, but also because of a number of bug fixes and product improvements. […]

Announcing Gluon Maps

  Today Gluon announces a new product with immediate availability: the Gluon Maps component. A couple of years ago, Gluon co-founder Johan Vos started the OpenMapFX project, which provides basic geo-map functionality and allows for multiple layers to be added on top of the map. Over time Johan and Gluon […]