Gluon Cloud

Announcing the Gluon CloudLink MBaaS

An increasing number of companies face requests from their users and customers to offer their services via mobile applications. Thanks to Gluon CloudLink and Gluon Mobile, Java developers can easily extend their enterprise functionality to cross-device Java mobile applications, using a single user interface based on JavaFX and Google Material […]

Data Synchronization with Gluon Cloud

Yesterday we announced the availability of Gluon Cloud, and we briefly touched on its two main functions: data synchronization between different devices, and data connectivity with back end and cloud systems. Today, we’ll focus a bit more on the data synchronization aspects of Gluon Cloud. Almost every useful client application […]

Gluon Cloud 1.0 Now Available

Welcome to the start of what we at Gluon HQ are calling ‘Cloud Week’! We have a number of blog posts lined up to go this week, where you will learn more about the Gluon Cloud offering. Gluon Cloud 1.0 As always, we start the week off with a bang […]