Gluon CloudLink

AWS Lambda integration in Gluon CloudLink

Gluon CloudLink provides the means through which enterprise developers can enable mobile apps to interact with their back end infrastructure through the use of remote functions. Until now, a remote function could only call into a HTTP REST endpoint, however today the Gluon engineering team is pleased to announce that […]

Gluon CloudLink Enterprise SDK for Java EE

We have recently announced the release of the Gluon CloudLink SDK. The SDK consists of two components: Client SDK: used in the Mobile Application code to interact with Gluon CloudLink functionality Enterprise SDK: used to manipulate the mobile content and functionality by writing Java enterprise code The Gluon CloudLink Enterprise […]

Announcing the Gluon CloudLink SDK

Gluon offers the Gluon CloudLink SDK to meet the needs of enterprises wanting to connect their enterprise systems to their mobile and desktop users in a safe, performant, and centralized fashion. The Gluon CloudLink SDK enables programmatic access to, and control over, all aspects of Gluon CloudLink. This enables actions […]