Scene Builder 8.3.0 Out Now

Today the Gluon engineering team is happy to announce the availability of Scene Builder 8.3.0, which brings significant improvements to mobile development support. Scene Builder is becoming more closely integrated with Gluon Mobile (when desired), and marks the beginning of our push towards making mobile development easier and even more […]

Interview with Gluon App Contest Winners

The Gluon Mobile App Contest concluded just prior to JavaOne. We were overwhelmed by the volume and quality of entries into this contest, and we had a really hard time picking the winners, so much so that we decided to give two third prizes, as we had two very deserving […]

Announcing the Gluon CloudLink MBaaS

An increasing number of companies face requests from their users and customers to offer their services via mobile applications. Thanks to Gluon CloudLink and Gluon Mobile, Java developers can easily extend their enterprise functionality to cross-device Java mobile applications, using a single user interface based on JavaFX and Google Material […]