Gluon CloudLink

Gluon CloudLink:
Mobile Management & Cloud Integration.

Gluon CloudLink enables enterprise and mobile developers to easily connect their disparate services and applications together, enabling bi-directional communications between mobile apps, enterprise infrastructure, and cloud systems.

With Gluon CloudLink developers can focus on their business-specific functionality to build great apps.It substantially removes the need for boilerplate code, both on the client side as well as on the server side. Gluon CloudLink assures a secure and authenticated end-to-end communication between mobile devices and enterprise systems, in a scalable and robust way

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Gluon CloudLink enables mobile data management and cloud integration, hosted from your premises or ours.

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Mobile Focused

Up-to-date data is critical to mobile apps, as well as to your enterprise

Gluon CloudLink manages the persistent storage of your data and your users.

  • Real-time synchronization of data: data changed by one user is immediately mirrored to all other users.
  • In combination with Gluon Mobile, remote data bindings instantly propagate changes in backend data into the mobile UI with no need for boiler-plate code.

Simplifying the challenges of a mobile transition

  • Limited or interrupted connectivity: Gluon CloudLink provides built-in functions for offline modes.
  • Context awareness: Gluon CloudLink integrates with and exposes contextual information to enrich your app.


Enterprise data is scattered over many instances

  • Pluggable connectors are available for REST APIs and various cloud services, to communicate with existing backend systems and cloud environments.
  • Intuitive configuration of connectors, and support for triggering on specific events.

Connecting users with data

  • Out-of-the-box user authentication: Gluon CloudLink, combined with Gluon Mobile, offers you readily available authentication mechanisms.
  • Authentication through social media: With Gluon CloudLink, most popular social network protocols (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc) are available ‘off the shelf’ for integration into your mobile app.
  • Custom connectors: User authentication doesn’t have to be through social accounts – integrate Gluon CloudLink with your application-specific account system.
  • User-specific data: Data can be associated with specific end-users, and different roles can lead to different levels of access to data.

Configuration & Deployment

Intuitive configuration

Unified dashboard provides a single location for configuration and management.

  • Analytics and support: Analyse usage data, inspect warning or error messages, check logging and pass it on to other support teams
  • Operations: Operators can browse through data, configure external connectors, send push messages, and perform all necessary operations to link enterprise functionality to mobile deployments

Deployment options

  • Your data is stored securely in the cloud: only your application can access your data.
  • You can opt for Gluon CloudLink On-Premise, a locally hosted version of Gluon CloudLink offering the same functionality.

Gluon Mobile

Gluon CloudLink is perfectly complemented by Gluon Mobile – our client side library for building mobile user interfaces that connect with the cloud. The Gluon Mobile library can massively improve time-to-market for applications, by providing APIs for modern ‘material design’ user interfaces, accessing mobile device features, connecting to web services, and synchronizing state across many devices.

Gluon Connect

Gluon Connect is an open source (BSD licensed) library developed by Gluon that makes connecting to remote data sources (including Gluon CloudLink) a breeze! Gluon Connect is built to be cloud-agnostic, meaning that it can connect to any web service you want, but it also has baked in support for all of the functionality offered by Gluon CloudLink.

Gluon CloudLink Dashboard

Gluon CloudLink Dashboard is a free application that puts you in control of your Gluon CloudLink – see everything, edit everything, control everything!