Monthly Archives: February 2016

Simplifying Gluon

When we first started brainstorming what Gluon would be back in late 2014, we always had the names of products in our heads. Gluon Charm was the name from the very beginning, and while other names were changed, some of them remained the same, almost unquestioned. By now Gluon has […]

Scene Builder 8.1.1 hot fix out now

On January 19 we released Scene Builder 8.1.0, and we saw a big uptake, as expected. Since then, we’ve heard from some users that they’re running into issues thanks to some of the changes in that release. Today we’re announcing the immediate availability of Gluon Scene Builder 8.1.1 that fixes […]

Gluon Mobile 2.0 Now Available

When we released Gluon Mobile 1.0 we knew we were just at the beginning of a long journey. Today we announce the next step of that journey – Gluon Mobile 2.0 is now available for immediate use by our current customers and new customers alike. We never planned for the […]