Monthly Archives: September 2015

Gluon Mobile Developer Preview 4 Released

The Gluon engineering team has today signed off on Gluon Mobile Developer Preview 4. This release includes a number of improvements, including brand new ‘material design’ styling for tabs and sliders, a brand new Avatar control, improvements to the material design snackbar and toast popups, and bug fixes. Gluon Mobile […]

CharmListView: new control in town

As we published a few days ago, the new Charm Developer Preview release includes a new control intended to create more mobile-friendly user interfaces. This control is called CharmListView, the enhanced Gluon version of the standard JavaFX ListView control. It is demonstrated in 50 States, a new application that makes use […]

The Clouds Are Parting

Until now, most of the news coming out of Gluon has been focused on the client aspects of our technology. We now have many people using our Gluon Charm library for building cross-platform Java applications on desktop, mobile, and embedded, all with compelling and modern user interfaces. As was expected, […]

Gluon Newsletter #1

It’s a small milestone, but we are pleased to now be communicating directly into your inboxes! For those of you reading this, you probably didn’t get the email in your inbox (it’s not too late to sign up for the next one!). If you don’t want to get our newsletter […]