Gluon Mobile

Gluon Mobile 3.0.0 Released

Today the Gluon engineering team has signed off on Gluon Mobile 3.0.0. This is a major update to the Gluon Mobile product, primarily because it integrates a brand new library we are also releasing today called Gluon Connect, but also because of a number of bug fixes and product improvements. […]

JavaFX 3D Rubik’s Cube Source Now Available

Earlier this week our Gluon engineering team announced the availability of hardware accelerated JavaFX 3D support on iOS and Android devices. In that blog post we had two screenshots of Android and iOS devices with a Rubik’s Cube game being played. This was an application developed by one of our […]

Gluon Mobile 2.0 Now Available

When we released Gluon Mobile 1.0 we knew we were just at the beginning of a long journey. Today we announce the next step of that journey – Gluon Mobile 2.0 is now available for immediate use by our current customers and new customers alike. We never planned for the […]