Gluon Mobile

Gluon Mobile 2.0 Now Available

When we released Gluon Mobile 1.0 we knew we were just at the beginning of a long journey. Today we announce the next step of that journey – Gluon Mobile 2.0 is now available for immediate use by our current customers and new customers alike. We never planned for the […]

Gluon Mobile Developer Preview 4 Released

The Gluon engineering team has today signed off on Gluon Mobile Developer Preview 4. This release includes a number of improvements, including brand new ‘material design’ styling for tabs and sliders, a brand new Avatar control, improvements to the material design snackbar and toast popups, and bug fixes. Gluon Mobile […]

CharmListView: new control in town

As we published a few days ago, the new Charm Developer Preview release includes a new control intended to create more mobile-friendly user interfaces. This control is called CharmListView, the enhanced Gluon version of the standard JavaFX ListView control. It is demonstrated in 50 States, a new application that makes use […]